Book Review On Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques By Steve Nison

Date Friday, February 27th, 2009

Most of us who spends the extra time to read and continue to improve our knowledge on trading and investing, are likely to have adopted a trading system. It can be through books, seminars or courses. However, given the potential risks involved even with all the tools and knowledge we are armed with for our trading battles, we still have a high chance of making a loss in our trades. This is due to the fact of human errors and mistakes, involving human Emotions in our trading, inexperience when we first started out trading, failure to do our due diligence daily…etc All of these play a part in the trade turning sour, hence the huge potential loss in capital.


One of the missing puzzle that i have discovered myself, was the interpretation of candlesticks that tells the story of the market sentiment for that particular stock at that particular time. Before learning the meaning of candlesticks and charting with them, i normally used what i have learned. It is a trading system that i paid a hefty sum of $5000 Singapore dollars for, to aid in making decisions on whether i should enter a trade or not. However, something was missing… That was major reversal patterns that occur at tops or bottoms. I have lost a lot of money as a result for several trades that were supposed to yield excellent returns using the system i learned all due to my failure and ignorance to understand a missing trading puzzle… Yes, that happens to be candlestick reversal patterns. I still remember them to be, the “Morning star”,” Shooting Star” and “Bullish Engulfing pattern”. After learning these patterns, the results were shocking. My losses were cut to a minimum, my self esteem and confidence to execute a trade, have improved tremendously. This is the book that taught me the knowledge i needed. I never leave home for my trading battle without it.

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