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The Building Blocks To Becoming A Better Trader

Date Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Every trader begins their own arduous trading career by taking baby steps in learning and improving their knowledge and skill in a continuous manner. They need to focus all of their energy and effort to improve the probability of wining in every trade made while simultaneously learning to deal with emotions. Everyone of us are unique individuals. We look at the same situation but we react and also analyse it differently. While the basic knowledge for trading, both fundamental and technical analysis are similar for most financial instruments, an example can be┬áthe analysis of the potential of a certain company stock to make money. However, the methods of trading, the trading plans,level of discipline and emotional aspects for each individual are very different. This is why it can be difficult to make money in the market and have a trading career if the individual trader does not improve on his areas of weaknesses. Read the rest of this entry »